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Norco Industrial PC’s

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Norco Industrial PC’s

Industrial automation and control technology continues to help change our production and manufacturing processes. Industrial Automation is not only boosting work efficiency and making work more accurate, it is also helping to improve the quality and durability of the products and most importantly, it is giving plant owners increased confidence in their production systems.

Currently, NORCO’s industrial computer range has become one of the formidable driving forces behind the rapid expansion of industrial automation in many industries. From software and hardware to systems, NORCO is committed to your industrial PC requirements. NORCO’s industrial PC range includes, industrial tablet PC’s, Panel PC’s, complete industrial machines, embedded machines as well as integrated hardware system solutions.

Sample price: 21.5" Multi-Touch Fanless, Panel Computer, with Intel® Core™ i5 – 6400T Processor, 8GB RAM & 128GB SS $3401

For further information or pricing, please contact us with your requirements.

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Posted at 26 November 21