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Cermate HMI & Gateway solutions

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With the current global supply issues persisting, I'm sure you are one of many who are looking for alternative economical and available automation solutions

While economical and available don't seem to go in hand these days, there are still solutions available that may solve some of your dilemmas.

Cermate HMI

A typical 10" Rockwell Panelview Plus will set you back around $5,500, that's if you can find one. If you are desperate you may end up paying $10,000 plus.

A Cermate 10" HMI with dual Eth IP comms is typically around $1600 with free development s/w

Cermate Multifunction Edge Server/Gateway

A Prosoft Dual port Eth IP to Modbus TCP gateway is approx. $2,500

A Cermate Dual port Edge Server/Gateway average price is approx. $476

Learn more about the Multi Function Edge Server

Other Cermate Products

For Further information on Cermate or other automation solutions from PLC Hardware, please contact us. 


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Posted at 09 August 22