Allen Bradley PLC Systems

Allen Bradley PLC products hold about 60% of the PLC market in Australia. The hardware is reliable and generally user friendly (however every engineer has their own taste).

PLC Hardware sells a huge range of Allen Bradley automation hardware including their popular PLC systems such as the MicrologixCompactlogix and Controllogix systems as well as the Micro800 controllers and Pico controllers. PLC Hardware can also source PLC 5 PLC's.

micrologix PLC System


The Allen Bradley Micrologix system provides amazing power from a small PLC and has flexible expansion options. It is also considered the best value Allen Bradley PLC due to its low price. Especially from PLC Hardware!

compactlogix PLC System


The Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC provides the next step up in terms of user friendliness and computer interface and PLC integration. Ask us about RS Logix 5000 software to suit your requirements.


Controllogix PLC System


The Allen Bradley Controllogix system is a powerful PLC system used commonly in mines and other large control networks. The Controllogix processors are extremely powerful yet extremely over priced. PLC Hardware provides controllogix CPU's usually around 50% off the going list price.


Pico Controllers

The Allen Bradley Pico Controller is a small scale, stripped down PLC that acts more like a relay. Hence, it is affordable for anyone doing simple, small applications such as automated doors or factory lighting.

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