Cermate HMI

PLC Hardware is the Australian distributer for Cermate HMI’s. These powerful but, incredibly priced HMI’s are for the industrial market and feature colour touch screens from 3.5” to 15”.Cermate HMI application

They are durable, IP65 rated, resistive touch-screens with up to 65536 colours including free development software (with full pc based simulation). The units have a powerful 32bit CPU. They feature multiple Serial/Ethernet communication options and all the major communications drivers including Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi, etc. Particularly impressive, is the communications suite. There is a direct DB9 connection to Siemens MPI ports which means that you can put a powerful colour 3.5” touchscreen onto several Siemens PLC’s for under $200!

Furthermore the simulation software , which is free, allows complete running and testing of the screens from your PC so there is no hardware setup and download to test each version required. Try it for yourself, Download it from HERE.

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Cermate HMI products

The Cemate screens also come with Ethernet:

Cermate HMI with ethernet communications

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