Micro800 controllers

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Micro800 controllers

Micro800 controllers are low cost stand-alone machines which have enough controls. They are low-cost because you can...



  • Micro810

    Micro810 is programmable logic controller system that occupies nano-sized footprint. This controller is a part of the Micro 800 family, so software and accessories of the Micro800 can be used with Micro810. The controller is efficient to work like smart relays in the company of high current relay output along with micro-PLCs’ programming capabilities. It is 12 points controller which incorporates 8 A outputs so no external relay is needed. USB programming port is needed to download the support programs and this port need an adopter too. The controller can be linked with an optional 1.5 inches local LCD that enables you to modify and monitor application data.

  • Micro800 Starter Kit

  • Micro830

    Bulletin 2080 Micro830 controller is a stand alone machine control application which can easily be installed as it works on flexible communications and I/O capabilities. This programmable logic controller system is available with 10 points, 16 points, 24 points, and 48 points as well. It also incorporates 100 KHz speed high-speed counter on 24 DC models. It can be connected up to 5 plug-in modules of Micro800. It is supportable with up to 3 axes along with Pulse Train Output (PTO) for providing motion capabilities. For providing embedded communication, it can be connected with USB programming port as well as non isolated serial port for RS-485 and RS 232 communication

  • Micro800 Solution box

  • Micro850

    Micro850 is intended for large stand-alone machine control applications that need greater I/O capabilities and flexible communications. This programmable logic controller can work properly in -20 to 65oC temperature. The controller supports applications like Conveyors, Cutting, Material Handling, Sorters, Packaging, Shrink Sleeving Machine, Solar Panel Positioning, Vertical form, fill, and seal. It is available with 24 points and 48 points. For embedded communication, it can be linked with USB programming port, Non-isolated serial port for RS-232 and RS-485 communication, and Ethernet port. It supports up to 5 Micro800 plug-in modules and up to 4 Micro850 Expansion I/O Modules and also up 32 I/O points.

  • Micro820

    Offers 20-point controllers Provides embedded 0...10V non-isolated 4 channel analog input and 1 channel analog output for speed control of an AC drive Provides embedded communications via non-isolated serial port (for RS-232 and RS-485 communications) and Ethernet port Communicates via EtherNet/IP™ Provides embedded microSDTM slot for program transfer, datalog, and recipe management Provides embedded support for up to four 10k thermistor temperature inputs Supports program download through USB with an optional 3.5-in. Remote LCD Supports up to two Micro800® Plug-in Modules

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