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PLC Hardware offers Allen Bradley small programmable logic controller solutions. The Micrologix family is fast, small...



  • 1000-Series

    1761 MicroLogix 1000 Controls are the most compact. This control fits a broad range of applications up to 32 I/O points, while using a fraction of the space of a full-size controller. It contains analog I/O that is embedded, supplying analog performance that is streamlined and cost effective.

  • 1000-Series Accessories

  • 1100-Series

    Micrologix 1100 is a programmable logic controller system which incorporates embedded Ethernet/IP, LCD Panel and online editing. With the help of the in-built LCD panel, you can read controller status, simple operator messages, and I/O status too. It is such a controller that can deal with a number of tasks as it incorporates 2 analog inputs, 6 digital outputs, 10 digital inputs. It incorporates 8KB memory: 4 KB for user programs and 4 KB for user data. With the support of any Ethernet connect, you can access, monitor and program as well. For serial and network communication, it incorporates isolated RS-232/RS-485.

  • 1100-Series Accessories

  • 1200-Series

    MicroLogix 1200 Series is a powerful programmable logic controller that accommodates a wide range of applications as well as it is small too so it can be fitted in congested area. Two versions with 10 points and 40 points are available. You can also use rackless I/O modules to expend the I/O count. This control let you build large control system at lower cost as this controller works on reduced parts inventory. You can easily expand your system and achieve greater application flexibility. This controller is a field-upgradable flash operating system that let you use advance features. The controller is efficient enough to secure program data as well as it also supports floating point data files.

  • 1200-Series Accessories

  • 1400-Series

    MicroLogix 1400 has been designed on the basis of the critical MicroLogix 1100 features so with this programmable logic controller, you get features like EtherNet/IP, online editing, and also built-in LCD panel. Besides, these controllers have also been featured with a higher I/O count, pulse train output, faster higher speed counter, back light on LCD panel, and enhanced network capabilities. The analog version of this controller provides 6 analog points and 32 digital I/O points while the controller lacking embedded analog I/O points offers only 32 digital I/O points. All version of this controller are expandable with up to seven 1762 expansion I/O modules

  • 1400-Series Accessories

  • 1500-Series

    MicroLogix 1500 is such a programmable logic controller that is most expandable controller that belongs to the MicroLogix family, and it has also been developed on the basis of the MicroLogix 1200 controller. It supports a number of applications that traditionally required large and expensive controller. This controller with a processor, embedded I/O and base unit with power supply has a number of best features of modular system at low-cost, and it need small footprint. The controller is also compatible with 1769 Compact I/O modules; with the help of an extra bank of expansion I/O and an expansion power supply, it can be linked with up 16 modules.

  • 1500-Series Processors

    MicroLogix 1500 Series incorporates new 1764 processor that is an advanced processor that is meant for more memory, data logging capabilities, as well as a second communication port that makes prefect for SCADA applications. The processor has been programmed with the support of RSLogix 500 software, and it also incorporates instruction set, that’s why, it is well-matched with MicroLogix 1000 and 1200 products along with all SLC-500 processor. The processor is capable enough to offer world class functionality and flexibility, so this processor is perfect to meet the need of worldwide marketplace at competitive price. It has been featured 12K use words and 4K data words.

  • 1500 Series Expansion Modules

  • 1500-Series Accessories

  • Software & Accessories

  • 1XXX Series Expansion Modules

  • 1XXX Series Spectrum Controls Analogue

  • Network Interface Devices

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