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PLC Hardware supplies Allen Bradley IO modules for all PLC families and system setups. IO expansions including Point...



  • FLEX I/O

    Flex I/O is designed for large rack based I/O to offer functionality without the requirement of additional space. Flex I/O is flexible and reliable, and provides modularity and cost effectiveness. For communication, it has been featured with EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Universal Remote I/O, as well as other network. Flex I/O XT modules have been designed for offering a distributed I/O solution for controlLogix XT extreme environment system. You need not any tool for assembling, all components are snapped in to a DIN rail and plugged together, and system are systems are assembled. These systems can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally on a standard DIN rail.

  • FLEX Ex I/O


    Bulletin 1734 POINT I/O is well matched for those applications that require flexibility as well as low cost ownership. You can buy according to your need. They incorporate compact design that installation simple as well as it does not require extra space. The family has been incorporated with POINT Guard I/O safety-related I/O module that can be employed alongside in a standard POINT I/O system. For network connectivity, it incorporates controlNet, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, as well as other open networks. DeviceLogix Smart Component Technology and integrating low-cost logic solving capabilities are also featured with some modules so that it can provide faster sense-to-actuation times.

  • ArmorPoint I/O

  • CompactBlock LDX Dist. I/O

  • CompactBlock Dist. I/O

  • ArmorBlock and Armor WeldBlock

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