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Allen Bradley

Allen-Bradley products from Rockwell Automation include integrated control and information platforms, intelligent...



  • Allen Bradley PLC

    Allen Bradley PLC's have set the standard for programmable logic controllers. With multiple controller types and sizes to fit your specific needs. Large Control Systems like the Allen Bradley Guard Logix, ControlLogix, SoftLogix, and the good old Allen Bradley PLC-5 control system. Small control systems such as the Allen Bradley Compact Logix, the 1768 Compact GuardLogix Safety System and the SLC 500 Control System. PLC Hardware also supplies Safety PLC's.

  • I/O

    PLC Hardware supplies Allen Bradley IO modules for all PLC families and system setups. IO expansions including Point IO, Flex IO, Chassis based IO for CompactLogix , ControlLogix. Ask PLC hardware for advice on configuring your system with the correct IO to suit your needs.

  • RSI Software Products

    PLC Hardware can no longer supply Allen Bradley Software. We apologise for the inconvenience.

  • Operator Interface

  • Standard Drives

    Allen Bradley Powerflex drives and software. If you are replacing a part. Consider our repair service as a cheaper option.

  • Application-specific products

    Application-specific products

  • Motion Control

  • Communications

    Allen Bradley Communications products

  • Condition Monitoring

    Products for detecting potential equipment failures. Real-time protection modules, sensors, portable instruments, and surveillance software

  • Industrial Computers

    Industrial Environment Computers offer the durability and reliability to suit all systems. They provide a variety of options in form factors, RAM, storage, performance, operating temperatures and optical drives.

  • Safety Products

    Allen Bradley Safety Products

  • Sensors

    Allen-Bradley sensors and connectivity products

  • Silver Series

    Manage the migration from existing equipment to updated hardware to help you take advantage of the latest technology.

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