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Allen Bradley PLC

Allen Bradley PLC's have set the standard for programmable logic controllers. With multiple controller types and...



  • Pico Controllers

    There are two Pico Controllers: Bulletin 1760 Pico Programmable Logic Controller and PicoGFX Controller. These are small, simple, and flexible Controllers that enable you to program through built-in LCD Panel, built-in Keypad, and programming software. They are ideal not only for replay replacement but also for the growth of your capacity with the help of Pico expansion I/O Modules. There are various models with different V AC, and they are capable of running different types of electrical components as well as of providing terminal mode operation, graphics, and text messaging capabilities. These Controllers work well on DeviceNet network with the help of the DeviceNet communication interface.

  • Micro800 controllers

    Micro800 controllers are low cost stand-alone machines which have enough controls. They are low-cost because you can use plug-in modules according to your specific application needs. These controllers can be installed easily, and their maintenance is also hassle-free These small sized controllers have 10 to 48 points. Plug-ins like communication port, DeviceNet and I/O digital analog HSC are included in Micro800 controllers. Your base controller can be adapted with the help of the Micro800 plug-in modules, and you can fulfill your application needs. These plug-in modules increase the capabilities of your controllers.

  • MicroLogix

    PLC Hardware offers Allen Bradley small programmable logic controller solutions. The Micrologix family is fast, small and dependable. The Allen Bradley Micrologix family includes; MicroLogix 1000 controller, which offers control capabilities in an affordable, compact package. The MicroLogix 1200 that can handle an extensive range of applications. The flexible MicroLogix 1500 controller is highly expandable and allows one to aquire a high-level of control in a variety of applications. The MicroLogix 1100 and 1400 controllers increase the application coverage with enhanced network communications at an affordable price. Call PLC Hardware for more information.

  • Compact Logix

    the 1769 Compact Logix series by Allen bradley are a simple, affordable PLC that is used in mid-range environments. with easy communication between the I/O, HMI and the PLC the Allen bradley CompactLogix PLC is always in stock at PLC Hardware.

  • ControlLogix

    The Allen Bradley Controllogix PLC system has tight integration between the programming software, controller, and I/O modules reduces development time and cost at commissioning and during normal operation. RS Logix 5000 software allows powerful and specific control over safety system aswell as process automation straight from the same Chassis. A flexible variety of IO control and distributed IO aswell as powerful communication options, allows a totally integrated automation system.

  • ControlLogix XT

  • FlexLogix System

    Flex I/O is designed for large rack based I/O to offer functionality without the requirement of additional space. Flex I/O is flexible and reliable, and provides modularity and cost effectiveness. For communication, it has been featured with EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Universal Remote I/O, as well as other network. Flex I/O XT modules have been designed for offering a distributed I/O solution for controlLogix XT extreme environment system. You need not any tool for assembling, all components are snapped in to a DIN rail and plugged together, and system are systems are assembled. These systems can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally on a standard DIN rail.

  • PLC-5/1771 System

  • SLC/1746 System

  • SoftLogix System

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